Warmer days are just around the corner. And for sure, as much as possible, we want ourselves to be refreshed as possible. Same goes with our greeneries. We want them hydrated so they can stand the heat of the sun. Thus, watering them most of the time is the ultimate solution. Along with that, comes the possibility of high water bill. So how can we conserve water but still quench the thirst of our plants?

Here are 6 water-conserving tips you might want to follow during this summer:

1. Do not over-water.

One of the best water-conserving tips is: Do Not Over-Water. Yep, that’s right. A good rule of thumb for most Americans is that shrubs and perennials should get 1 to 2 inches of water a week, while lawns need only one inch. There’s no actual rule for watering plants but always keep an eye on those plant tags that came along with your plant when you bought them. That will tell you all the requirements needed for the plant to grow well.

2.Make sure to use mulch.

Mulch is used to hold moisture and to keep the base of the plants cool. But do not make the mulch thick as it would cause crusts that would hinder water from soaking in.

3. Water in the morning, if you could.

Water could surely soak in, before evaporating in the surface, if you water while it’s relatively cold outside. Watering in the morning helps the plants take up the water for the day.

4. Make use of cold water.

Do not utilize a hose that’s been sitting in the sun all day, and all coiled up. Make sure to store it under a shade. Heated water could stress out the plants so make sure to run out the heated water first before watering them onto your greeneries.

5. Use the right tool. 

Some would use a standard garden hose or nozzle to water their plants. But little did they know that these could cause water loss as mist and evaporation. What’s best to use is a sprinkler wand or a soaker hose.

6. Water only the front part. 

If you worry about saving water, then just water the front lawn. The front lawn always has the greatest role to determine a lawn’s curb appeal. Thus, focus on watering it and let the rest of the lawn take care of themselves.

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