Did you know that there are vegetables you can grow in partial shade? Since many vegetables can survive and do well even if they receive just a little ray of sunshine, growing them in even in shaded area is possible. Below are our list of the best vegetables that you can grow in partial shade.

10 Vegetables You Can Grow In Partial Shade

1. Arugula


Arugula loves the sun. But this leafy vegetable plant is only good for about 4-5 hours under the sun making it a perfect vegetable plant to be placed in a partially shaded area.

2. Brussels Sprouts


Brussels thrive well in cold weather and this makes this plant particularly well in shaded areas. Just bring it out once in a while to get a little dose of sunshine.

3. Endive


A member of the lettuce family, endives can survive even if it is under the shade  its entire life.

4. Kale


A cousin of the cabbage, kale is a cold weather loving vegetable. Keep it in the shaded are of your garden then you can expect a good kale growth.

5. Leaf Lettuce


Like its endive cousin, lettuce leaf also prefers the shade rather than the sun.

6. Mustard Greens


Perfect to be grown in gardens with limited sunlight, this plant is a favorite among gardeners with limited spaces.

7. Spinach


Popeye’s favorite vegetable. Who among us doesn’t know what spinach looks like. A plant that prefers the cold, spinach does well even with less sun.

8. Swiss Chard


Growing a Swiss chard needs a lot of attention and should be placed in the garden that has a lot of shade. It is best placed where squash plants are grown. The squash’s heavy leaves provides the best shade for Swiss chard. Just a small amount of sunshine is what this plant need.

9. Beans


Beans do well in a sunny environment. Yet, when placed in a partially shaded location, it grows even better. 6 hours of sunlight is all this plant needs.

10. Beets


Even in a dry environment, beats can survive and grow if it is kept in a partially shaded location.

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