Gardening is a task that cannot be rushed. From planting the seedlings to waiting for them to grow, it really is a process that should not be hurried. Nevertheless, there are a few crops that can mature easily. For first-time gardeners or for anyone who wants to harvest their vegetables fast, here are the crops you may plant:

Here are 4 Vegetables You Can Grow and Harvest Fast :


Fresh radishes with leaves

1. Radish

Harvest time: within 20-25 days

Radishes grow very quickly, and usually come in over 200 varieties with a wide array of shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors.  They also take up very little gardening space and grow well in containers. They usually prefer full sun but some varieties can be grown in even partial shade.  They can be planted in both the fall and spring, for places with cooler climates. But they should be grown over winter for those locations with warmer climates.

2. Bush Beans

Harvest time: within about 50 days

Beans usually love warmer climates. During the summer, their seeds can be sown every two weeks, for continuous harvest. Mostly, bush beans produce their beans within two weeks.

3. Lettuce

Harvest time: within about 30 days

This is one of those crops that mature easily. You may sow new lettuce seeds every 30 days to ensure continuous harvest all-year round. This green leafy veggie usually thrive in cooler climates, but could also grow during the summer if they are planted in the cool shade. They can also be grown indoors, and if you do not have the space, you can plant them in containers.

4. Peas

Harvest time: within about 60 days

This green crop can be grown vertically on a trellis, so for sure they won’t take up a great amount of space in your garden. It is best to directly sow them. To prolong harvest, make sure to plant the early, mid-season and late varieties at one-time rather than sowing them fortnightly.

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