Growing healthier squash is not complicated. It is easier than most people think. Squash can be planted directly into the soil or in large planters. A small amount of squash planted in the garden will yield you more than enough squash to consume and store for the colder months. Below are 8 simple tips in growing squash.

Here are 8 Simple Steps to Consider for Growing Healthier Squash in your Garden

1. Growing Healthier Squash Starts with Warming the Soil

Warm your soil before planting your seeds. Use black plastic mulch to warm the soil. Add plenty of compost in your soil as well as organic matters.

2. Direct Seeding

It is best to directly plant squash seeds in the garden 2 -4 weeks before the last spring frost. Starting squash seeds indoors can also be done but transplanting them may cause problems because of the sensitivity of the squash’s roots.

3. Planting the Seed


Dig an inch deep hole in your soil and drop your squash seed. Cover your seed with your soil and sprinkle it with water. Each hole should be spaced 3 feet apart from each other.

4. Full Sun is Important


Plant your seeds where it can receive a lot of sunshine. Make sure that your soil is moist and well drained.

5. Mulch


As your squash continues to grow and develop, protecting its shallow roots will be very important. To address this problem, we need to put mulch around the plants. This will also control weed growth and it will retain the moisture of the soil. Apply organic fertilizer when the first bloom appears in your plant.

6. Thin the Plant


Since quash is a vine plant, it will need more space as it grows. Thinning them will be the key for a better development. Thin your plant to about a foot apart during the plants early development stages.

7. Water Generously


Squash needs a lot of water as it grows. Water your squash generously once a week until it bears fruits.

8. Harvest


Squash takes about 60 days to mature and it is ready for harvest a week after flowering. In harvesting your squash, do not break the plants vine. Instead, cut off the gourd from its vine. Squash will last longer when it is placed in the refrigerator.

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