Witnessing your plants grow and mature until they are ripe for harvest can be the most satisfying feeling any gardener can have. That is why simple gardening tips and tricks is important for the success of one’s garden. But sometimes even the simplest and smallest problem can give the gardener the unwanted stress that he or she doesn’t need. So, how do we avoid this? Just follow these 7 simple gardening tips and tricks and your gardening stress will be a thing of the past.

7 Do It Yourself Gardening Tips And Tricks

1. Lube it Up


Gardening tools won’t cooperate? Lube it up with car wax. Simple but effective.

2. Plant Labels


Use old broken dishes, pots, and can covers to distinguish and label your plants in the garden.

3. Slug Killers


Pour beer into a container and leave it besides your plants. Slugs will dive into the container drowning in the process.

4. Coffee Grounds


Having unwanted bugs and critters in the garden? Sprinkle coffee grounds around the garden and it will drive all those critters and bugs away.

5. Paper Seed Test


Before planting your seeds in the garden, it is best to test them first using tissue paper. If the seeds germinate, then it is good to plant. It’s that simple.

6. Area Location and Condition


Research on what type and varieties of plants are best suited in your area. Plant and grow crops that can thrive and survive the conditions in your locality. GOOGLE will give you all the answers that you need.

7. Soil Quality is the Key


The quality of the soil will make or break a garden. A soil high in nutrients will grow healthy and disease free crops. Adding organic compost and fertilizers will make the soil ideal for planting. It will enrich the soil with nutrients that it will need and it will also add nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium to the soil.

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