You do not need to have a labor-intensive garden. Besides, if you’re late in getting your backyard ready for gardening, this is the easiest and simplest solution: square foot gardening. How to do it? Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this:

4 Steps on how to do Square Foot Gardening:

You Will Need:

8 8×3 inch wood screws

8 6×1 inch wood screws

small pack of twisted nylon line

1 organic veggie seed kit

4 boards (4ft long x 10 inches width x 2 inches thick)

1 cubic feet of compost (blended)

1 cubic feat of peat moss

1 cubic feet of coarse vermiculite



Source: Flickr Andy Padjen

Step One: Prepare to build the square. 

Create a 4’x4′ square. To make it, drill the four 4ft boards together, using two 3-inch screws at each corner. Afterwards, choose a flat, sunny spot to place the box. Make sure to put cardboard or weed-blocking fabric before placing the frame on top of that.



Source: Flickr Korye Logan

Step Two: Mix the soil. 

The recipe for great soil includes 1/3 blended compost, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 coarse vermiculite. You can substitute peat moss with coconut fiber. Combine the said recipe, then fill the box with it. Make sure to smooth the surface.



Source: Flickr cynren

Step Three: String the grid.

Lay a 4×4 square grid over the box you made, using the nylon string. There will be 16 square foot segments after that. After the grid is down, fasten the strings using the 1 inch screws.



Source: Flickr Bruce Szalwinski

Step Four: Sow seeds. 

Plant the seeds in each segment, as per instructions of the seed kit you purchased. That grid is designed to prevent overcrowding or over planting, so do not worry. Just make sure you position the plants according to their sizes so nutrients won’t be sapped out.


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