Potatoes are so tasty that most of us have their very own favorite potato recipes. But how do we know that the potatoes that we are preparing and serving our families are safe and healthy to eat? Here are some simple tips that we can consider for a safe and healthy potato.

5 Tips to a Safe and Healthy Potato

1. Cover Your Potatoes

Potatoes do not do well when it is directly exposed to the sun. So, it is best to cover your potato plants with soil or mulch as it grows in the garden. It is also advisable to give your developing potatoes space. Overcrowded potatoes tend to push each other above ground.


2. Harvesting Your Potatoes


Harvesting potatoes can be done two ways, using mechanical harvesters and manually by hand. When using a harvester, remove weeds and mulch first and then harvest the potatoes. Manual harvest does not require you to remove weeds and mulch. You can directly harvest your potatoes by hand by digging your potatoes under the ground.

3. Sorting and Storing Your Potatoes


After you have finished harvesting your potatoes, it is now time to sort and store your crops. Sort your potatoes by combining the green-skinned potatoes together with the other potato crops. After sorting, store them in a dark and cool room. Potatoes can last for more than a year if it is stored properly.

4. Preparing Your Potatoes for a Meal


Preparing potatoes for eating is as easy as 1-2-3. Just remove all the green colored potatoes and put them in the compost bins. The toxicity of green colored potatoes can be greatly reduced if it is mixed with a lot of regular and non-greened potatoes. Any potato that doesn’t taste good or tastes bitter should be spat out when eating.

5. Enjoy Your Potatoes


There are basically a 101 ways to cook your potatoes. Boiling, frying, baking, roasting, mashing, and chipping are just some examples of these.

So, enjoy and BON APPETIT!!!

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