Don’t have enough money to buy those expensive but tasty asparagus in the supermarkets? Well, why not plant them yourself. Asparagus are best grown in raised beds so it is advisable that before you start planting your asparagus plants, you must first prepare your garden beds. Asparagus beds should at least be a foot tall to allow the asparagus to absorb the nutrients of the soil. When planting your asparagus, make sure that the spacing for each plant is about one and a half foot away from each other. So, a large garden bed is recommended. A bed that is properly prepared can maintain asparagus plant for at least 20 years.

Here are simple guidelines in planting your asparagus in raised beds


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1. Prepare your soil

Put compost into your soil and till it to increase nutrients. Using a garden fork, turn your soil until your raised bed is about 12 inches high.


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2. Dig your furrows

In your raised bed, dig a furrow until it is a foot deep. Space them 18 inches apart between each plant.


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3. Make your cone shaped piles

Make a 4-6 inches high cone shaped piles from the loose dirt in your raised bed. Again space each mound 18 inches apart from each other.


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4. Plant your asparagus crowns

In each of your cone shaped piles, place a single asparagus crown. Cover your crowns with 1 inch of soil. The roots of your asparagus crowns should be dangling below the dirt pile.


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5. Keep your soil moist

Always keep the soil moist by watering your asparagus plants thoroughly. This will make your asparagus plants grow better and prevent thin and tough stalk growth.



6. Add soil continuously

As your asparagus plants grow, continue adding soil to it until your emerging asparagus plants are at the same level as the soil in your raised bed.

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7. Patience is the key

If you want your asparagus plants to grow stronger and to produce larger crops, avoid harvesting asparagus spears in the first two to three years after planting.

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