In places where there is limited source of water and drought is a common occurrence,  rain water collection is essential. But if you think rainwater harvesting is as easy as 1-2-3, then better think again. Rain water harvesting is not as easy as it sounds.There are many methods to harvest or collect rainwater. But one of the most commonly used ways of collecting and storing rain water is by the use of rain Barrels.

While it is true that there are probably thousands of different rain barrel designs being sold in the market today, there are still those rain barrels which can be considered to be better than most. One of which is the Enviro World Corporation Rain Barrel , 55 Gallon by Enviro World Corporation.

Here is our short review on the Enviro Rain Barrel.

Product: Enviro World Corporation Rain Barrel , 55 Gallon

Product Price: $79.99

Enviro World Corporation Rain Barrel , 55 Gallon Product Description

  • 55 gallon/208 litre rain barrel
  • No cheap imitation that looks worn out after one season
  • Sleek flat back square design fits naturally in any location around the home
  • High quality injection molded keeps it looking clean and new year after year
  • higher spigot accommodates most watering cans
  • 3 additional spigot mounting locations

Review on The Enviro World Corporation Rain Barrel , 55 Gallon

The Enviro Rain Barrel is made from high density polyethylene. It has a 55-gallon maximum capacity and can fit in any wall or corner spot around your home. And because it is injection molded, cleaning the Enviro Rain Barrel is a breeze. The Enviro Rain Barrel also boasts of two sided overflow that allows you to connect multiple containers from either side.

The Enviro Rain Barrel kit includes a powder coated steel screen, brass standard size spigot, child lock screws, and extension hose. The Enviro Rain Barrel doesn’t require additional stand because the spigot is located high enough to allow easy access. The shape of the Enviro’s lid is also one of its best assets. It is perfectly designed for directing water and it is the only rain barrel to have a slanted top. The fine mesh screen at the center can also filter the tiniest of debris. The lid of the Enviro is completely removable and is pressure fit. For safety concerns, the Enviro’s lid can also be screwed down by using the screws provided when you purchase the product.

Pros and Cons of the Enviro World Corporation Rain Barrel , 55 Gallon


  • Completely removable top lid
  • Slanted lid wall and super fine mesh
  • Quality and durable beige plastic design
  • Raised brass spigot for watering can use
  • Square construction a convenient feature


  • Occasional leaks reported in rain barrels reviews

Final Word

If you are looking for a solid and well designed rain barrel, then, the Enviro World Corporation Rain Barrel , 55 Gallon is your answer. This rain barrel has all the right features, plus, it is cheaper compared to the other rain barrels sold in the market today.


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