When your plants turn YELLOW, do not panic! What you need to do is to observe your plants and look for the cause of the problem. Remember that even the most experienced and most seasoned gardeners in the world also experience this problem. So relax, take a deep breath and start formulating a solution on how to fix the yellowing of your plants.

Here are 8 reasons why your plants turn YELLOW and how to fix them

1. Garden Pests


source: source: telegraph.co

The most common reason why plants turn yellow are the garden pests that invade the plants. By munching and eating the leaves of the plants, insect pests destroy plant membranes causing the plants to slowly lose minerals and the effect is the yellowing of the plant. A good remedy to this is to spray organic pesticide to your plants to kill the insect pests.

2. Over watering


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Plants will turn yellow if they are subjected to too much watering. Inadequate soil drainage can also be a factor if plants are in planters. Lessen the water that you are giving to your plants and add some sand in your soil to help control the drainage.

3. Under watering


source: aos.org

When the leaves of your plants looks like they are about to crack and are yellowish in color, it is a sign that your plants are dehydrated and needs to be watered badly. To fix this problem, just water your plants.

4. Lack of Sunlight


source: inhabitat.com

Like all living things, plants also need the nutrition that comes from the sun. If your plants are in a shaded area and you noticed that the leaves of your plants are beginning to turn yellow, then you need to move them in a place where there is more access to sunlight.

5. Nutrient Deficiencies


source: thehydrocultivator

Plants turn yellow when there is a lack of nutrients in their systems. Potassium, nitrogen, and calcium deficiencies in your plants are the main cause why your plants turn yellow in color. Fix this by putting organic fertilizers in the soil. Mulching can also help.

6. Sudden drop in temperature


source: wcvb.com

Sudden change in climate conditions can also turn your plant leaves yellow. So, if your plants are more suitable in warm conditions and suddenly the temperature drops, bring your plants indoors if they are in planters. If planted in garden beds, put some mulch in the soil or install plastic coverings as cold protectors.

7. A change of location


source: hoosierhomemade

When you move your plants to a new location, it is 100% guaranteed that leaf yellowing will occur. The only remedy to this is patience and time. Just wait for your plants to adapt to their new environment and in due time your plants will adjust to their new location.

8. Human Error


source: highmowingseeds

Human error can also cause your plants to turn yellow. By using your garden equipment, you may accidentally damage your plants and in turn will hurt your plants causing it to turn yellow. The remedy, just be careful in your garden maintenance duty.

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