The garden is the primary gem to look at during this lovely season, so make sure to spice it up!

Here are 13 awesome and creative planters for your plants, which you can make DIY style.


1. Old Tires

Make use of your wheels by painting them and turning them into planters!


2. Hollow Logs

You may search for a log, strip all the bark off, and set the hollow out the center. You may then start putting soil and planting seeds in them!


3. Concrete Hallow Blocks

Same as for the logs, the hollow parts of these concrete blocks serve as planters! You may also paint them if you want.


4. Bird Cage

You may paint the wires in those bird cages to add color. But the color black is also a great contrast with greeneries.


5. Old Shoes

Yes, you may turn your old footwear like your red pumps or even red boots as great plant pots.


6. Broken Pots

This is already practiced by most gardeners nowadays. By using those broken potteries, you can create a mini-garden inside it!


7. Bicycles

Your two-wheeled buddy could also be used as awesome planters, especially if they have “baskets” in them.


8. Old Teapots

Not just for teas, you may bring out your oldest teapots, fill them with soil and start planting in them. You can hang them outdoors, too.


9. Wooden Barrels

What could be a great use for old wooden barrels but to have them as plant containers? Their appearance already has a rustic feel to it, but you may paint them if you want them to be more colorful.


10. Old Metal Buckets

Because of their worn look, they provide a nice addition to your planters. You may hang them or even put them in a table in your garden.


11. Old Chairs

You may cut the center out of your chair seat and put the pot on the frame – very innovative.


12. Old Water Cans

You may fill the bottom one-third of these cans with plastic containers to improve drainage, then you may fill out the rest with soil. Soften the look by adding ferns on it to appear they are draping over the edge of the can.


13. Shoe Holder

Re-purpose your shoe holder by using them as hanging planters. This is also a great idea if you don’t want your cats digging around on your vegetable patches.



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