Do you have any old tires? Do you know you can do a lot of things to these old tires for your garden? All you need is to channel your inner artiste and re-purpose them and you can turn them into these 6 awesome things for your yard.

6 Things You Can Do With Old Tires For Your Garden:


Source: FabArtDIY

1. Pet bed

By implanting cushions, you can turn your old tires into resting beds for your furry friends. Make sure to just use those ones that would fit your pet’s size.


Source: HandiMania

2. Pond

Add a pop of color into your garden by using tires as small ponds. You may paint them using non-toxic spray paint to create a happy vibe in your garden design.


Source: BuiltByKids

3. Swing

Kids and kids-at-heart would surely love this project. Hang them carefully using ropes and chains, and make sure they are safe to ride on.


Source: HomeTalk

4. Vertical planter

Growing cascading flowers on tires make it a perfect addition to liven up your garden. Paint them with fun colors for that extra oomph.


Source: PersonalLiberty

5. Raised bed

Using tires, you would be sure that your plants will be bordered to help them grow in order. Though, make sure you use large ones and also look out if they heat easily.


Source: Women24

6. Furniture

Use your imagination on this one. You can make a chair or stool with those tires!

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