Do you know that you can grow tomatoes as big and as heavy as pumpkins? If you want to know how, then follow this 5 simple tips on how to grow monster tomatoes and in no time you will be growing your very own monster tomatoes.

1. Selecting the Seeds


The first thing you need to do is to select a variety of tomato seed that is known to grow big. If heirloom seeds are available, then those seeds are the best to use. Go to your most trusted seed shops and look for seed catalogs with labels like big or giant in them. Make sure that your tomato seeds were not treated chemically. It should be 100% organic. After you have your seeds, look for a spot in your garden where you can plant your seeds. Plant your seeds in a location where there is a good access to sunlight. Tomatoes need at least 6 hours of full sunlight every day, so location is very important.

2. Plant


Before planting your tomatoes in the garden, you need to warm your soil first. Use black plastics in warming your soil.  Dig a deep hole for each tomato plant and plant them in a well amended soil. Space each tomato plant away from each other. Feed your soil with organic matters. It is also best to remember that tomatoes need calcium for better growth. Crush some egg shells and sprinkle it into the hole where each tomato plant will be planted.

3. Speed-up Pollination Process


Pollination is very important in growing giant tomatoes. You can speed up this process by rubbing or brushing your tomato flowers from each other. Do this to all the tomato flowers in your garden.

4. Mega-Blooms


When your tomato plants start to bloom, it is now time to look for what tomato growers call the MEGA-BLOOMS. Mega blooms are two flowers that have grown together to form one big flower. These are the blooms that will produce giant or monster tomatoes. If there are no mega-blooms in your tomato plant, the best remedy will be to thin out your plants blossoms. Just leave 1-2 blossoms in each of your tomato plants. These will also produce you giant tomatoes. Always water your plants in the morning and water every other day. As your tomatoes grow, clip your tomato plant and some fruits. As each tomato fruit grows, observe and look for the biggest tomato fruits in each plant. Harvest all the fruits and leave just the biggest ones. Make sure that your tomato fruit does not touch the ground. Your tomato garden should always be weed free.

5. Support the Giants


As your tomato fruits start to grow into giants, support each fruit so that it will not break off from the vine. Used t-shirts, nylon stockings, and even old socks can be used and re-purposed to support your giant tomatoes. Harvest when your tomato fruits have grown into giants and enter them into the BIGGEST TOMATO CONTEST in your area and who knows, you might bring home the grand prize.

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