The kitchen will not be complete without the onion. Raw or cooked, onions play a very special role in making any dish level up in both flavor and taste. So, plant and grow some onions in your backyards and you will be surprised just how easy and fun growing onions can be.

Here are 6 Best Tips in Growing Onions for Your Garden


1. Location

Onions loves the sunshine. So, plant your onions where it can get at least 8-10 hours of sun everyday.


2. Soil Preparation

Use a well drained soil rich in nitrogen when planting your onions. In the fall, add aged manure to the soil in your garden where you will be growing your onions. Mix organic fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen when planting season starts.


3. Planting

Plant your onions in the spring when the ground can be easily worked and cultivated. It is best to start your onions indoors. When your onions are ready to be transferred into the garden, transplant them 5 inches apart and an inch deep into the soil.


4. Care

Apply fertilizer to your plants once in every two weeks. When the bulbing process of your onions has started, stop applying fertilizer. Water once a week and apply mulch to keep the soil moist and control weed growth. Remove onions that grow flower stalks.


5. Pests and Diseases

Trips and onion maggots are the common problems in growing onions. Use water and soap solution insecticide and spray it to your plants. This will kill off the trips. To prevent onion maggots, use a fine mesh netting to cover your emerging onions. Do not put mulch around your mesh netting.


6. Harvest and Storage

When the top of your plants falls over and becomes yellow, it means that your plants are starting to mature. To speed up the ripening process of your onions, bend the tops down. When harvesting your onions, make sure to take extra care because a bruised onion can rot easily and this encourages further rotting of crops to set in. Pull your onions when the tops of your plants are already brown in color. Harvest your crops before the cool weather sets in. Before storing your harvested onions, allow them to dry first for several weeks. You can store your dried onions in your cellar or in any storage area that you want.

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