Daylilies are one of the easiest plants to grow. Growing daylilies will also greatly benefit your garden. You can plant them anywhere with just a little supervision. Daylilies can also be one of the best plants to grow in the garden. The blooms of daylilies with its vast colors and sizes can transform and make one’s garden look like it went through an overnight beautification.

Here are 6 Reasons Why Growing Daylilies Will Greatly Benefit Your Garden

1. Great Ornamental


Daylilies can grow in almost any garden in the world. The blooms of daylilies can also be great ornamental decorations not only in the garden but also in places where special events are held. With different flower sizes and colors, daylilies can also offer the best in terms of flower preparation with the least financial cost possible. Daylilies can also act as a garden border. The tall daylily species can be used as a back border, while the short ones can be placed at the front of the yard. Daylilies will start to bloom in the early summer making gardens with daylily plants explode with beautiful colors.

 2. Adaptability


Whether you plant your daylilies in the full sun or in a partly shaded area, daylilies can still grow and bloom without problem. Daylilies are also drought tolerant and are immune to most garden pests and diseases. There are approximately 50 varieties of daylilies that you can choose from, and all of these varieties can be planted and grown even in the least favorable soil possible. A simple tip in growing daylilies is to weed around each plant during spring.

3. Edibility


Not all daylily varieties are edible. So make sure that if you try eating daylilies, you must first research on the type of the daylily plant that you want to devour. If you still want to eat daylilies, it is best to avoid the plants leaves and shoots that have a high hallucigenic property. Better yet, ask an expert who has a vast knowledge and experience regarding edible daylilies. A quick Google search will also help.

4. Medicinal Properties


Daylily plants are rich in medicinal properties that it can treat almost any kind of disease. But extra care should be taken because when it is used the wrong way, daylilies can also be fatal. Before using daylilies in treating any diseases, it is best to ask first the help and advice of an herbalist with regards to daylilies as a medicine. Jaundice, bladder infections, breast abscess, urinary tract infection, and tuberculosis are just some of the diseases that the daylily plant can cure and control.

5. Attracts Butterflies


Some butterfly species are attracted to daylilies and butterflies are considered as one of the best pollinators. So, having daylilies in your garden does not only beautify the garden but also helps in attracting helpful pollinators that are important to plants.

6. Extra Income


Daylily is ranked as one of the 20 best perennials in the world (#11). And it’s because of this and the beautiful blooms that daylilies produce that daylily lover’s trade for them. And since daylilies can also survive any type of garden soil and it is easy to maintain, daylily traders prefer to buy and sell these perennials than any other garden plants.

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