Did you know that in other parts of the globe, garlic is considered to have special magical powers? In the Philippines for example, some of the natives and old folks in other parts of the country believes that it can drive away evil spirits as well as other evil otherworldly entities. So,it is not only grown for food but also for their protection. But in the culinary world, garlic is a very important ingredient in making different and signature dishes tastier. It also has great health benefits and it can last for a long time when it is stored and preserved properly.

While it is true that garlic is a fragrant ingredient used in cooking, it can also be used and do wonders for your garden as well.

5 Ways you Can Use Garlic for Your Garden:


1. Companion Plant

Garlic can be used to tandem up with roses and tomatoes to keep those pests away. Some say to avoid planting it with beans and peas because growth of legumes might be slowed down by alliums. Though some does not have problems with that.



2. Mosquito repellant

Yep, if you do not have citronella, garlic can be used to repel those pesky mosquitoes. In an experiment before, conducted in the University of California, results showed that a garlic-based oil spray killed 100 percent of the mosquito larvae!




3. Fruit tree Protector

Plant it at at the base of fruit trees. Not only does it lure away pests, but it also attracts beneficial insects to your yard.



4. Late blight controller

Late blight turns potato tubers into black mush, and causes a frost-like effect to foliages. Tomatoes also turn brown and rot, because of it. The most effective fungicide to combat that was extract from garlic cloves.



5. Pest control

As related to the previous posts, it can also be used as pest control. To make it more effective, use an oil base. That way, it would stick better to the bugs and pests.

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