Crops like tomatoes, zucchinis, green beans, eggplants, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes are the ones which can thrive well during summer. For warmer months, here are seven tips to follow to ensure keeping your harvests at their peak even if you do your gardening during the summer.


1. Fertilize monthly

Using side dressing of compost, make sure to fertilize your crops every month. As always, it’s a good idea to add minerals to the soil. Opting to use kelp or seaweed as fertilizer is also great to add other nutrients.



2. Mulch your beds

Mulch is important especially during summer since they tend to keep moisture in the soil. In addition, it also moderates the soil’s temperature, so it is not baking-hot.



3. Harvest frequently

It is a given thought that the more you harvest, the more your plants will produce babies. So keep on picking, but make sure to harvest in the morning, for peak juiciness!



4. Compost

It is a vital thing to have more nutrients for your soil, so make sure to gather those trimmings from your garden and your kitchen, to start a compost pile.


Woman watering rose plant

5. Water consistently

Inconsistent watering could cause your fruits to crack, because they get used to less water and their skin cannot expand. But over watering is also not a good thing. Too much water could cause your fruits to be tasteless. Also, it is best to water in the morning to get maximum absorption.



6. Pick off those bugs and insects daily 

Make sure to keep an eye on those insects and bugs that could infect your plants. You can also use light covers to keep those pests away from your plants.

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