Warmer days are finally coming. When nights are longer and the weather is now warmer, it’s more enjoyable to go outdoors. Saying that, it’s also now the time to primp up your garden.

Here are 7 DIY projects you can easily do, which could bring more life to your garden:



Source: DIY Cozy Home

1. Fence

See those holes in your fence? Turn them into art by putting colorful marbles on those spaces. When the sun hits them, for sure, they will give your garden a beautiful glow.



Source: A Beautiful Mess

2. Painted tiles

Getting bored of your old tiles? Instead of removing them, paint them with fun colors to liven up your yard!



Source: The Moon and Me

3. Chairs

Colorful seats could add life to your backyard. Instead of purchasing expensive chairs, why don’t you just get spray paints for those seats?



Source: The Brambleberry Cottage

4. Mirrors

Hang up mirrors along your fences to give your backyard the illusion of larger space. This trick could add a more spacious feel for your garden.



Source: Flower Blog

5. Pine cones

Using pone cones serve as double purpose for your garden. Not only do they add design if you line them near your shrubs, but they could also lure away animals that might destroy those bushes.



Source: Inner Child Fun

6. Wind chimes

There’s no greater feeling than relaxing in your yard and hearing the soft tinkling of your wind chimes. You can do one on your own by getting some rusty keys you have, paint them fun colors, then hang them up. Such a fun activity with the kids to do, as well.



Via Buzzfeed

7. Swing

Old chair that is painted with fun hues + Rope = DIY swing! Make sure they are accident-prone for your kids, though.

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