As the sun sets into the horizon, would it be great that our gardens would still look beautiful at night just like during the break of dawn? Well, do not fret. Their is a great solution to that. These are GARDEN LIGHTS. By installing garden lights, your garden will look as if it if was landscaped by garden professionals. Here are 10 ideal garden Lights that you can consider to make your garden stand out and be the envy of your peers.

The Best Ideal Garden Lights



1. Tiki Torches As Garden Lights

A great and beautiful way to light up your garden during summer. Just light up your torches and place it anywhere in your garden. And if you want that “SURVIVOR SHOW” feeling, then tiki torches can do the trick.


2. Faux Lanterns

There are so many faux lanter designs to choose from. But their functions are all the same. The best to use in the garden are the Soji Modern Solar Faux Lanterns.  Just hang it anywhere in your garden and when dusk arrives it automatically turns itself on. Giving your garden that elegant and sophisticated look.



3. Flower Votive Displays

With just a candle and a flower, you can make a beautiful table top candlelight decoration for your garden. Just put a candle in any glass that you like, and attach a flower that you desire. Place your candlelight with flowers in a saucer with water in order to maintain the flowers freshness.



 4. Garden Glow Lanterns

Do you want that festive feel in your garden? Then hang some glowing lanterns in your garden. Invite some of your friends over and you can have a great garden party.



5. Hanging Lamps

If a great outside summers meal is what you want, hanging lamps under your garden trees will do the trick. Any lamp size will do. Just make sure to arrange your lamps beautifully in your garden, then a great evening garden meal can be experienced.



 6. Neat Tin Can Lanterns

Don’t throw away those old tin cans. Instead make them into a good tin can lanterns for your garden. Just put holes in its sides, paint it with different colors and put candle inside. When the sun sets, light your candles inside the can and wait as the magic happens.



 7. Solar Light Chandelier

If you want your garden lights to be free of those electric cords, then a solar light chandelier is what you will need. Place them anywhere in your garden then turn the lights on when dusk arrives.

8. Colorful Beer Bottle

Old beer bottles can also be recycled into a a beautiful bottle lamps for your garden. Just string some lights into your beer bottles and they are good to go.



9. Use Glow in The Dark Paint on Your Planters

Just apply a glow in the dark paint in your planters. Your garden will come to life once the sun loses its light.



10. Cup Cake Lights

Just make sure that your light bulbs and the paper will not have direct contact. Plug your cup cake lights and marvel at its beauty. Just remember to remove your plug when the sun rises.

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