Are broccoli, artichokes, and cauliflower included in your diet? Well, you are actually consuming the flowering bud of those plants. Edible flowers were traced to have been accentuating flavors of some cuisines since thousands of years ago. Some may be disgusting to taste but most would definitely be filling your taste buds with unique flavor and could certainly be adding a special kick to your meals. Here are 7 of the first-rate edible flowers which you can plant in your yard:


Source: Flickr JCVD100

1. Chrysanthemums

Taste: slightly spicy to strongly pungent

This gorgeous bloom can grow well under full sunlight and well-drained soil. Its petals are usually used in rice dishes and even boosts the flavor in burritos.



Source: Flickr icools

2. Lavender

Taste: floral, fresh pine and rosemary + citrus notes.

Same as chrysanthemums, lavenders also grow under well-drained soil and full sunlight. They accentuate savory and sweet dishes ranging from poultry, fruits and vegetables, sauces, dressings, desserts, and even beverages.



Source: Flickr Peter aka anemoneprojectors

3. Borage

Taste: slightly reminiscent of cucumbers, with grassy undertones

This eye-catching star-shaped bloom is self-seeding. It can also tolerate several soil conditions and can be planted under the sunlight or even under a light shade. You can freeze them into ice cubes or float them in beverages.



Source: Flickr Jocelyn Kinghorn

4. Rose

Taste: Varying in flavor depending on rose type – from slightly metallic and ginger overtones to sweet and floral

A favorite of many organic enthusiasts, roses are used to add flavor to beverages, fruit compote, or even a sorbet. It is best grown under full sunlight or even a light shade, and moderately moist soil.



Source: Flickr Yuri Levchenko

5. Pansies

Taste: light and floral. Some say it is similar to grapes. 

This lovely bloom can grow best in partial shade and moderately moist soil, like roses. Though, take note that this still varies by species. You may use the entire flower for decorating cakes and garnishing salads.



Source: Flickr net_efekt

6. Squash

Taste: milder zucchini-like flavor

All squash flowers are edible. This yellow bloom’s texture is crisp is it is perfect for frying and stuffing. You may plant this in well-drained but moist soil, but make sure it contains plenty of organic matter.



Source: Flickr liz west

7. Daylilies

Taste: depending on the variety, flavor ranges from slightly metallic to vegetal and even floral.

This flower is mostly used in Asian cuisines. Though, it also adds flavor to salads and desserts, and can also be deep-fried or sautéed. Plant them in fairly most soil under full sunlight or even light shade. Just before they open, harvest the plumpest buds.


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