You do not need expensive bug sprays, commercial plant foods or even fertilizers to feed and protect your garden. That is if you could make it on our own. Not only does it mean that you could save more bucks, but you could also be sure that what you are giving your green friends are safe and not harmful for them. Here are three great recipes that you could concoct to Feed and Protect Your Garden , without breaking a sweat…. or even a bank.


Source: Deetlesbird

One: Weeds, Go Away Recipe

You can take care of dandelions along with other weeds with this simple recipe.


Salt (1 cup)

Liquid dish soap (1 tablespoon)

Distilled vinegar (1 gallon)


Source: Planitdiy


1. Mix the mentioned ingredients very well.

2. Pour the mixed concoction into a spray bottle. Make sure it is labeled.

3. After that, you can spray the liquid directly to your weeds.

4. You may repeat it, as needed, until those troublesome weeds are gone.


Source: Saltworks US

Two: Easy and Simple Plant Food Recipe

This recipe is perfect for both indoor and outdoor plants. If you need a larger batch than the one you made, just double the measurements of the ingredients.


Epsom salt (1 teaspoon)

Water (1 gallon)

Baking powder (1 teaspoon)

Ammonia (1 teaspoon)


Source: Sustainable Farmer


1. Mix the epsom salt, baking powder, and ammonia in a gallon of room temperature water.

2. In an air-tight container, store the mixture. Make sure it is labeled.

3. Every four weeks, feed the plants with that mixture.


Source: One Good Thing by Jillee

Three: Pesticide Recipe for the Practical Gardeners

The good thing about this solution is it is safe for plants, even for the edible ones. Now, you can make sure that what you are using to your plants is not harming anything.


Warm water (1 cup)

Garlic clove (1, minced)

Dish soap (4 drops)

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