What are living garden structures? Well, it’s an artistic approach that involves plants as the main piece. The term “living” is a vital word since plants tend to grow, thus the structure would be somewhat evolving. Here are our top 6 picks of the most beautiful living garden structures that you can actually create on your own!


Source: Greg Cornell

1. Grass Sofa

We all enjoy the feel of grass when we sit on them, so why not make your own sofa from it? It looks fresh and pretty and fluffy and soft and so on!


Source: Modern Pioneer

2. Gourd Tunnel

Oh my! Such a fun way to involve the kids and kids-at-heart on this one. We surely do not mind bumping our heads on these gourds, right?


Source: Oregon Live

3. Gate of Roses

A perfect addition to one’s garden, this masterpiece is such a beauty! This kind of gateway would add more oomph to your yard, definitely.


Source: Pooktre

4. A Tree Chair

Yep. This could take years to make, but we definitely think it’s worth all the wait.


Source: Kids Creations

5. Bean Teepee

For the kids, this bean teepee is perfect for fun outdoor activities. A tree dome may take some time to finish, but this one could be done in just a couple of months.


Source: Repostudio

6. Grape Arbor

Want to have your own piece of paradise on your yard? Make a canopy and load them with sweet grapes.

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