Who wants to have their crops be enjoyed all year long? Yes, we all do! So why don’t we all start to stock up and can them up before it’s too late? Here are our top 4 picks of crops, both veggies and fruits that are not only great to preserve, but also easy to do:


Source: Flickr Kim

1. Raspberries and Blackberries

These goodies won’t last long, so make sure to stock them up and turn them into jams and jelly! You could lock in the flavor by doing this even without corn syrup – which most canned preserves have.



Source: Flickr hackNY.org

2. Apples

You can make apple butter, pie filling, or even applesauce from this sweet fruit. You can buy a lot for a smaller price, during their season, especially if you got slightly bruised ones.



Source: Flickr Lori L. Stalteri

3. Blueberries

Jam, pie filling, and even jelly are the ones you can do with blueberries. If you want something you can do with ease, then this is the crop to plant! What you would do is just rinse them and check the stems!



Source: Flickr Caroline

4. Chiles

You can make hot sauce and pickles from this crop. Chili pepper plants produce a lot of fruits, and it’s hard to put many in one meal. You can also be enjoying their heat and different flavors all-year round!

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