As much as we love our green friends, there are several species in the world that we would all wish should not exist. Here are our top 7 picks of the most creepy plants in the world. Are you ready?


1. Doll’s Eye

In an instant, you’d think this plant was an actual alien. If your imagination is more creative, you’d think it looks like eyeballs that are sticked together in a bloody stem. This plant, also known as “white banesberry”, is highly poisonous when eaten. Just a reminder, in case you want to taste them.


2. Porcupine Tomato

With no resemblance from an actual tomato, this plant is an epitome of pain — look at those thorns! And yep, they are also highly poisonous. It also spreads up quickly and could reach to grow 8 feet tall! This creepy plant hails from Madagascar, where Dracula ants also came from. Geez.


3. Buddha’s Hand

This citrus fruit that is popular in Japan and China for its fragrance, resembles a ball of giant maggots. Seriously. And yep, it’s all zest and no pulp!


4. Bleeding Tooth Fungus

Also called strawberries and cream (totally not suiting its appearance, because it’s more scary than yummy), this plant is enlisted as “inedible.” We do not know why someone would actually try to eat this one, but hey — that blood-like substance has antibacterial and anticoagulant properties.


5. Sea Anemone Mushroom

This Australian-bred plant just gave us the creeps. We all know mushrooms are tasty and adorable when put in pizzas, but most mushrooms are really nasty-looking. Like this one, which just gains your trust in the early days of its life, but as it enters mature stage, it erupts its horrific and smelly tentacles, to attract flies!


6. Cedar-Apple Rust Fungus

We do not think we have seen any cute fungus out there (Please tell us if you do), and this one is no exception. This fungus attacks cedar and apple trees, hence the name. It produces ¼ to 2 inch diameter fungal balls, and inflates “spore horns.” Weird and creepy.


7. Chinese Fleeceflower

This plant is known for its medicinal properties – mild laxative, strengthens bones, restores hair, aids in maintaining health of the kidneys. One thing, though: it looks like a little man. Maybe it’s a one-time thing? Nope. When you plan to grow them in your yard, you’d definitely be having a “little men army” underground. Geez.

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