If you want to go organic and grow your own veggies in your garden, but you do not have a large space to do it, do not fret. Container gardening is the solution. But not all vegetables would grow well if they are limited to live in a little area. Again, no worries! There are many vegetables that grows well even if they are planted in containers or pots and we have 7 examples for you to choose from.

Here are 7 vegetables that would still grow best even in pots and containers:


1. Eggplants

Container gardening is best in planting eggplants. If the pot you would use, can hold up to 5 inches depth, then you can definitely plant eggplants in it. But make sure to have a stake to hold the plant in the pot.



2. Peas

You can also do container gardening when it comes to growing peas. The following pea variety can be planted in pots and containers: sugar Bon’ snap pea, Maestro, English peas, and green arrow. You can even plant up to 6 plants n one pot, but make sure to have a 12-inch deep within it.



3. Squash

Winter squash varieties such as Papaya Pear and Cornell Bush Delicata can be grown in a 5 to 7-inch deep pot.



4. Melons

Dwarf melon variety called “Bush Sugar Baby” are perfect to grow in pots. In deep pots, this variety could continue to grow.



5. Beets

For beets to grow, plant them in a pot which has at least 12 inches in depth. Within that space, you can grow even six plants. If you want more, go with the baby beets.



6. Cole crops

Cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli are the easiest veggies to plant in containers. But make sure not to crowd them too much in one container, since it may yield them not to grow.



7. Onions

Green onions thrive well in containers. A bag of set and a pot that is about 4 to 5 inches deep is needed for planting them.

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