Like any other living organism, sometimes plants also need another one to literally grow. There are some plant duos who can thrive and survive once they have each other. This is what they call companion planting. This works in different ways, though – like preventing pest problems or providing shade for another.

Here are the best 4 plant combos you can grow in your garden:


1. Potatoes and Sweet Alyssum

Being true to its name, sweet alyssum is a very sweet-smelling plant. It definitely attracts butterflies once you plant them in your garden. Planting them beside or near your potatoes is a great way to get rid of pests. Not only is your garden pest-free, it also makes it wonderful-scented.


2. Green beans and Corn

Beautiful friendship was born whenever these two plants combine. Green beans attract beneficial insects so it makes sure your corns are pest-free, while corns act as anchors for the beans to keep the beans off the ground.


3. Chives and Roses

Besides of the fact that their white and purple blooms complement the rose bushes, garlic repels pests that eat rose petals away. This plant combination has been used by farmers for over a hundred years already.


4. Spinach and Radishes

Many have already used radish as a way to lure leafminers away from the spinach. Don’t worry – leafminers could only affect the leaves of the radish, and not the crop itself.

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