Have you ever tried using those citrus peels for your home-cooked recipes? The zest definitely adds flavor and aroma to your well-loved meals. Also, during these warm months, we enjoy the taste of those citrusy fruits especially in lemonades and orange juice. But what happens after we squeeze them up? Before throwing them, think again.

Here are 4 uses of those citrus peels for your garden, that you might not know:


1. Aphids, go away.

Easy peasy to make those aphids, that terrorise your plants, go away — take those orange peels, make a slit in them, and insert them into the plants that you want to protect.


2. Fluttery friends, come near. 

Put you citrus peels in a shallow dish and it would surely attract butterflies. These fluttery friends feed on the sweet juices left on the peels.

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3. Nitrogen addition to your compost pile

We all know nitrogen is an important component in the compost pile. There’s no tedious work needed to be done – but just toss the citrus peels into the pile and let it decompose. As they decompose, nitrogen would be added into the pile.


4. Mosquito repellant

There are many ways in which you could use citrus peels as mosquito repellant. You can rub them on your skin, or on your plants. And you can also simmer them in water then use them as a spray for your greenerie

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