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  • How to Grow a Pizza Garden with the Kids and for the Kids! From the beginning, children are curious about their surroundings and environment. Introducing them to nature and gardening will spark their curiosity even more. Making and growing a pizza garden with kids is one way to introduce trust, decision making and sense of responsibility to these kids. There are many ways to grow a pizza garden. Let’s […]
  • 10 Unique Plants For Your Garden Do you want your garden to be unique and the envy of your fellow gardeners? Then, why not try growing unique plants that are not commonly grown in your area. Plants that stands out and has that WOW factor every time someone sees what plant varieties are sprouting in your garden. Here are 10 unique […]
  • 7 of The Best Medicinal Plants You Can Find In Your Garden The first medicinal plants were first introduced when man first learned how to cultivate the soil around him and started growing different types of plants. Today, organic plant medicine is now a common thing in our society. It is now an acceptable and proven fact that some plants are medicinal in nature. Colds, coughs, arthritis, […]
  • Simple Tips on How to Grow Bitter Gourd Using Container Gardening Method Do you love bitter gourd but you don’t have a lot of garden space to grow one? Do not worry. Container gardening can do the trick for you. Here’s how you can grow your very own bitter gourd in a container. Steps on How to Grow Bitter Gourd Using Container Gardening Method 1. Prepare Your Soil source: gardensandcrafts Mix your organic […]
  • Container Gardening: Great Tips On How To Grow Tomatoes in Containers There is nothing more satisfying than picking your own vegetables and fruits in your own garden. As a gardener, expert or just a newbie, both can agree that growing tomatoes can be both satisfying and at the same time stressful. There are so many ways to grow tomatoes. And one of the best methods to […]
  • Practical Advice for Organic Gardening Are you into organic gardening? If yes, then here are 5 practical advice for Organic Gardening that you can consider. 1. Do not pull the weeds Weeds are one of the most common problems in the garden and just pulling them from the ground to remove them is not the solution. Directly pulling the weeds will […]
  • Grow Beets With These 8 Simple and Helpful Tips Have you ever tried growing beets in your garden? If no, then, there is no harm in trying. Beets can be planted during spring and fall. There is also no waste in beets. Every part of the plant can be eaten. So, how do we grow beets? Here are 8 Helpful Tips on How to […]
  • All You Need To Know About Perennial Vegetables You can never go wrong with perennials in the garden. The benefits and rewards from the time you started planting your seeds until the time you harvest your very own organic vegetables can be the best feeling that every gardener can experience. While it is good to grow annual vegetables, it is also a plus if you […]
  • Tips to Grow, Cut, and Regrow Those Salad Greens The CRUNCH of the first bite when eating fresh salad is so nostalgic that the experience will leave you wanting for more. The different types of salad greens with its different colors and flavors make the salad one of the best foods in the world. Eating fresh salad day in and day out in our […]
  • 10 of the Best Heirloom Tomatoes to Have in Your Garden Heirloom tomatoes are tomato varieties that have been passed from one generation to the next. It is 100% organic and it is more tasteful and flavorful than the regularly produced tomatoes in the gardens. Some of these heirloom tomato varieties are so rare that they are considered as a prized possession by some gardeners around […]
  • 5 Tips for Growing Celery in Your Garden Growing celery is simple. All you need is a rich soil to plant your celery seeds, plenty of water, and the right protection from common garden pests and diseases, as well as protection from hot temperature. Celeries can be grown as a winter, summer, or fall crop depending on the area that you live. For […]
  • DIY: Steps for Growing Your Own Sweet Potato Slips A great year-round activity for the whole family. Growing sweet potato is easy and enjoyable and when successful, you will have all the sweet potato that you can eat and some extra to share. Easy Steps to Grow Sweet Potato Slips 1. Use Organically Grown Sweet Potatoes source: planetnatural The first thing you need when growing sweet potato […]
  • 6 Eco-Friendly Organic Fertilizers You Might Not Know About Keeping your garden 100 % organic can be somewhat difficult but we are going to help you maintain it as close as possible. With all the garden pests and soil nutrition problems that your garden may go through, sometimes using chemical pesticides and fertilizers cannot be avoided. But there are a lot of ways to […]
  • 3 Reason To Buy Organic Seeds For Your Garden Organic gardening will be much harder without the locally produced organic seeds that are easy to come by. The organic seed farmers that grow different organic seeds should also be given credit for their hard work. Supporting organic seed store depots can be a simple yet very effective way of showing our gratitude to our […]
  • Easy and Simple Tips in Growing Apples Without Pesticide An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is only true if the apple that you are eating is 100 percent healthy and free of chemicals. So, how can we make sure that the apple that we are consuming is safe from chemicals? Well, a 100 percent organically grown apple, free of chemically based […]
  • DIY : Growing Strawberries Using Rain Gutters Do you want to grow strawberries but you do not have enough space in your garden? Then why not try growing them using rain gutters. A 4 ½ feet long rain gutter as a planter will be enough to plant and grow these sweet and delicate fruits. Just follow these simple steps and you will […]