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  • Summer Gardening: Do It Yourself Water-Conserving Tips Warmer days are just around the corner. And for sure, as much as possible, we want ourselves to be refreshed as possible. Same goes with our greeneries. We want them hydrated so they can stand the heat of the sun. Thus, watering them most of the time is the ultimate solution. Along with that, comes […]
  • 6 Flowers to Bloom In Your Garden During Summer Warmer days are surely coming and it is definitely fun to go outside and have some sun. But what makes staying outdoors more enjoyable? Seeing flowers in your garden! Here are 6 lovely blooms to add in your garden that can surely stand the heat of the sun: Source: Flickr bDom – artiste – 1. […]
  • Ultimate Tips for Summer Gardening Crops like tomatoes, zucchinis, green beans, eggplants, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes are the ones which can thrive well during summer. For warmer months, here are tips to follow to ensure keeping your harvests at their peak. Ultimate Tips for Summer Gardening: Source: Garden Guides 1. Fertilize monthly.  Using side dressing of compost, make sure to […]
  • 6 Things You Can Do With Old Tires For Your Garden Do you have any old tires? Do you know you can do a lot of things to these old tires for your garden? All you need is to channel your inner artiste and re-purpose them and you can turn them into these 6 awesome things for your yard. 6 Things You Can Do With Old Tires […]
  • Tips on How You Can Use Citrus Peels For Your Garden Have you ever tried using those citrus peels for your home-cooked recipes? The zest definitely adds flavor and aroma to your well-loved meals. Also, during these warm months, we enjoy the taste of those citrusy fruits especially in lemonades and orange juice. But what happens after we squeeze them up? Before throwing them, think again. […]
  • Feed and Protect Your Garden with these Do It Yourself Recipes You do not need expensive bug sprays, commercial plant foods or even fertilizers to feed and protect your garden. That is if you could make it on our own. Not only does it mean that you could save more bucks, but you could also be sure that what you are giving your green friends are safe and not harmful for […]
  • DIY: Awesome Living Garden Structures You Can Easily Make What are living garden structures? Well, it’s an artistic approach that involves plants as the main piece. The term “living” is a vital word since plants tend to grow, thus the structure would be somewhat evolving. Here are our top 6 picks of the most beautiful living garden structures that you can actually create on your […]
  • Tips For The Best Garden Soils For Your Planters and Raised Garden Beds Success in gardening can never be possible without building and improving the soil in the garden. A great garden soil will lead to the best garden soils for great gardening. A great and improved soil will also reward the gardener the best crops that can be harvested and a trouble free gardening that does not […]
  • No More Buying: Guide to Growing Asparagus in Raised Beds! Don’t have enough money to buy those expensive but tasty asparagus in the supermarkets? Well, why not plant them yourself. Asparagus are best grown in raised beds so it is advisable that before you start planting your asparagus plants, you must first prepare your garden beds. Asparagus beds should at least be a foot tall […]
  • Green Space: Square Foot Gardening 101 You do not need to have a labor-intensive garden. Besides, if you’re late in getting your backyard ready for gardening, this is the easiest and simplest solution: square foot gardening. How to do it? Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this: 4 Steps on how to do Square Foot Gardening: You Will […]
  • 13 Do It Yourself Gorgeous Garden Planters The garden is the primary gem to look at during this lovely season, so make sure to spice it up! Here are 13 awesome and creative planters for your plants, which you can make DIY style. 1. Old Tires Make use of your wheels by painting them and turning them into planters! 2. Hollow Logs You […]
  • 7 Vegetables That Thrive Well in Containers and Pots If you want to go organic and grow your own veggies in your garden, but you do not have a large space to do it, do not fret. Container gardening is the solution. But not all vegetables would grow well if they are limited to live in a little area. Again, no worries! There are […]
  • DIY: 4 Budget Friendly and Easy Crops to Can At Home! Who wants to have their crops be enjoyed all year long? Yes, we all do! So why don’t we all start to stock up and can them up before it’s too late? Here are our top 4 picks of crops, both veggies and fruits that are not only great to preserve, but also easy to […]
  • 7 Do It Yourself Projects for Your Garden This Summer Warmer days are finally coming. When nights are longer and the weather is now warmer, it’s more enjoyable to go outdoors. Saying that, it’s also now the time to primp up your garden. Here are 7 DIY projects you can easily do, which could bring more life to your garden:   Source: DIY Cozy Home […]
  • Do It Yoursef Tips for a Great Summer Gardening Crops like tomatoes, zucchinis, green beans, eggplants, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes are the ones which can thrive well during summer. For warmer months, here are seven tips to follow to ensure keeping your harvests at their peak even if you do your gardening during the summer. 1. Fertilize monthly Using side dressing of compost, make […]
  • Important Uses of Cinnamon For Your Plants in Your Organic Garden Who doesn’t have the urge to search for cheap alternative materials that we could use for everyday life? Surely, most of us do. Well, we found out that plain old kitchen cinnamon has many great uses for your plants. Here are just some of them. 1. Rooting hormone See those chemical stuffs they sell for this […]