There are million kinds of fertilizers that are being sold in the market and all of these fertilizers offer different ways to improve the quality of the soil for the best crop growth in the garden. But even with all the great promises that these fertilizers offer, nothing beats the good and natural way of fertilizing the garden by using homemade and 100 percent organic fertilizers.

Here are 7 Of The Best Fertilizers For Your Garden


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It’s not only us humans who loves bananas. Plants and vegetables do too. By simply putting our banana peels in our planting soil before planting our plants, the lost potassium in the ground that plants need will be replenished once the banana peel decomposes.

coffee grounds

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Using coffee grounds as a fertilizer will enhance the nitrogen in the soil. Before watering your garden, it is best to sprinkle or pour coffee grounds diluted in water into the soil. Just mix 5-6 cups of coffee grounds and water in a 5 gallon water container. Leave your mixture for about 3 days then use it to water your soil around your plants.





Eggshells pack a lot of calcium that is essential to the soil. Just put your cracked eggshell near or around your plants and it will help rid blossom end rot.


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Do not discard those weeds that you have removed in your garden. Instead use them to fertilize your planting soil. Weeds as fertilizers are high in nitrogen. The weeds that you have removed from your garden can be used as mulch after it is chopped and dried under the sun. You can also make a weed tea fertilizer. Place a bunch of weed that you have collected in a 5 gallon bucket and add water. Make sure that all the weeds are soaked in water. Cover the bucket and stir it once a week. Leave it for about 5 weeks until the mixture gets thick. To apply, just dilute 1 part mixture to 10 parts water then drench it to the soil.


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Molasses as fertilizers can increase the microbes and bacteria that are beneficial to the soil. To make a molasses fertilizer, just mix 3 tablespoons of molasses into a 10 gallon of water. Use this molasses mixture to water your plants.

human urine

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Yep, you read it right. Human urine can also be used as a fertilizer to your garden. Human urine contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium just like those locally made fertilizers that are being sold in the market. To make a human urine fertilizer, mix a cup of urine to 8 cups of water. Mix properly and pour it around your plants perimeter. Disgusting yet effective!


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When grass breaks down, it will produce nitrogen that will enhance the soil in the garden.

Place your grass clippings inside a bucket and add water then leave it for 2 days. To apply, just dilute 1 cup of your grass tea mixture into 10 cups of water and pour it to the base of your plants.

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