Warmer days are surely coming and it is definitely fun to go outside and have some sun. But what makes staying outdoors more enjoyable? Seeing flowers in your garden!

Here are 6 lovely blooms to add in your garden that can surely stand the heat of the sun:


Source: Flickr bDom – artiste – www.bdom.info

1. Dahlia

Bold-colored flowers that could surely add more vibrancy to your yard. Dahlias can stand warm weather but make sure to give them light shade in too hot areas. Best selection is available in spring, when you can plant them in tubers.


Source: Flickr Andrey Zharkikh

2. Moonshine yarrow

This yellow bloom is considered one of the most generous bloomers. You may pair this perennial with the violet-blue spikes of catmint to add some more colors.


Source: Flickr [Duncan]

3. Purple coneflower

This rosy-purple flower from the families of daisy dwells well in summer. This beautiful bloom also grows four feet tall.


Source: Flickr Bob Peterson

4. Coreopsis

Coming from the sunflower family, this yellow bloom could thrive well during summer, even with little water.


Source: Flickr Jay@MorphoLA

5. Aster

These purple, tough perennials thrive through summer and bloom non-stop into fall. But make sure you keep picking those spent flowers.


Source: Cherry Gal

6. Gaura

These white blooms are clustered like butterflies and can grow from 2 1/2 to 4 feet tall.

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