Unless you’re blessed with a green thumb, planting and growing crops is a tedious process. But there is an easier way which can even save you a lot of money too – by using food scraps. Yes, you got it right. You can up cycle your celery and onion scraps with a great chance of success, even if you’re a beginner!

5 Organic fruits and vegetables which can magically regrow on their own:


Source: Flickr Tim Sackton

1. Garlic

You need a larger clove if you want a larger resulting bulb. Make sure to place the plant in a sunny window and keep the soil moist.



Source: Flickr Carly Sheil

2. Pineapple

As most would say, good things come to those who wait. Despite waiting for two to three years before harvesting them, there’s this jolting pride when you grow pineapples at home. How to grow them? Slice their leafy top and remove all the fruit parts. Slowly and carefully remove the layers at the bottom. The root buds you see there should be placed in water for two weeks to form roots.



Source: Flickr Brianna Privett

3. Onion

Lightly cover its root end in a moist soil. Remove carefully the new onion, leaving the roots attached. Plant the separated new onions. To promote optimum growth, cut the leaves occasionally.



Source: Flickr andresmh

4. Ginger

You may soak a chunk of garlic in water overnight. Afterwards, plant it in moist soil and make sure to water them always, until shoots appear. To harvest, remove entire plant and repeat the process so you could plant them again.



Source: Flickr goatling

5. Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

Cut the potatoes into two – making sure there has one to two “eyes” in each cut. As the plant grows, add more soil until it’s about 6″ tall.

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